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Team edge CRM is a bunch of highly talented people. We live for our values and for our dreams!

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We are always in search of Talent

If challenges charge you up, join us!

High Dreamer

Dream a new dream every day! We are crazy about our dreams and we work crazily to get our dream.

Team Player

Team is the Temple! We believe in team work. We respect individual performers but only outside of our campus.

Go Getter!!

Achievements are the adrenaline we thrive on. And we are always on the lookout for people who share the passion to win.


Early Bird gets the worm! First mover gets the advantage. We require self-initiators with a drive to perform and deliver.

Problem Solver

Eat, Sleep, Solve Problems, Repeat! That’s the drill. Think differently, work diligently and win spectacularly. That’s all!

Best Closer!

We need people who take up end-to-end responsibility and conclude tasks. Full closure, No limbo!

Open Positions

Open Positions

CEO's testimonial

"I believe trust, respect, and teamwork is the beauty of our organization. And with this thought, we move forward towards a common goal of success: professional and personal."

Pragnesh Lodaya
Executive Director, edge CRM

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