A dynamic CRM for the ever-flourishing Lab and Analytical Instrument Industry.

edge CRM for Lab and Analytical Instrument Industry


edge CRM has given visibility of complete pipeline that enables us to improve our business conversion  ratio

-Girish Nair, Director, Biolinx India Pvt Ltd. 

Don't lose any business to ignorance

Right from qualifying suspects to renewing AMC contracts, edge will guarantee each stage is  ascertained and accomplished. edge will ensure that no business is lost however lingering the  affair. 

Avail the engaging features of Auto-escalations, Ageing reports, Dashboard KPI cards, Smart  Notifications, and many more to enhance your team performance and optimize your sales and  marketing funnel. 

AMC contracts for Lab and Analytical Instrument Industry

A CRM to help you strengthen your product portfolio.

  • edge CRM will assist you to build rapport with RnD teams & purchase officers. 
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Service Level Agreements for Lab and Analytical Instrument Industry

Respond to every query promptly

The integration of Service Level Agreements into your after-sales process has never been so easy! Create a service schedule, define expected response and resolution times, and constitute successor failure ratios for each of these metrics with edge CRM.

Successful management of umpteen case records is now possible with exact priority allotments. edge CRM won’t let you overlook any deadline.


Improvement in Turn Around Time (TAT)


Increase in Timely AMC Renewals


hrs per Salesperson per Month saved on Manual Reporting.

edge CRM statistics for Lab and Analytical Instrument Industry
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