A CRM to synchronize each and every segment of your business

edge CRM for Event and Marketing Industry


edge CRM allows us a better viewpoint on the sales operations as a whole; giving a critical insight into our client’s briefs.

-Valay Lakadawala - Director, Neoniche Integrated

Actionable data to back your event marketing strategy

edge CRM will help you reach out to prospective clients promptly, cultivate relations with event organizers, and generate an exhaustive testimony of the event’s success.

Prove your event marketing ROI with exceptionally acute analytics. Showcase the vital statistics with automatically generated comprehensive reports.

Event marketing ROI

Build loyalty with your clients effortlessly with edge.

  • Know your conversion metrics with a closed-loop lead management system.
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Sales funnel of Event and Marketing Industry

Clear visibility of your sales funnel

With edge, delineate your target audience based on the formerly collected data, behavioural statistics, and ultimately transform them to eligible clients.

Know the event’s lead position in your sales cycle to ensure timely action and efficient follow-ups by the sales team.


Increase in Client Meetings.


Reduction in the Average Time Cycle.


Better Visibility of Projects in the Pipeline.

edge CRM statistics for Event and Marketing Industry
Event and Marketing
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